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The history of the pump house.
Soberton pumping station was constructed in 1906 after it was realised that water needed to be drawn further inland as the water supplied from Foxbury Pumping Station had become brackish, and it later became apparent the normal chalk water had become contaminated by the infiltration of salt water from the harbour, after many unsuccessful attempts it was decided that a new development elsewhere was needed and the Foxbury well abandoned. The pumping units were removed and transferred for use at Soberton pumping station. The station was brought into use on 24th May 1907, thus at last Gosport and surrounding areas were in receipt of good quality water. Soberton works remained the sole source of supply for the next 34 years.

In 1991 redevelopment of Soberton was proposed, immediately prior to considering the Company’s planning application to demolish the extended Edwardian structure that had housed the steam driven pumps, Winchester city council designated the site a conservation area.

Therefore submitted plans to demolish areas were simply refused, eventually a scheme drawn up by architects was approved what was a coal shed at the rear of the pumping station was converted to include a new control panel, disinfection equipment and a small office, which are still used by Portsmouth Water today.

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