Our professional valuers with long-standing experience can assist with the valuation of personal possessions.

If you need help with probate, please contact the office for your requirements 01329 836659

Experts in probate valuations

At Pump House Specialist Auctions, we’re experts in simplifying probate valuations. Our process, led by Cheryl, our head of probate valuations, is designed to be thorough yet easy for our clients. We’ll visit your property, taking the time to carefully note and assess every item of importance – watches, silver, gold, house contents, cars, and more. Our thorough process ensures that you get a fair and accurate estimate, leaving no stone unturned.

An Efficient Service

We understand the importance of time in these situations, so we work efficiently without compromising on the details. Once the valuation is completed, Cheryl swiftly prepares a detailed legal document. We then expedite these documents to you and any necessary solicitors, ensuring you have all the necessary information promptly. With Pump House Specialist Auctions, you can expect a probate service that is not only reliable and swift but also committed to easing your burden during these challenging times.

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