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Join a world where your valuable items find their true worth. At Pump House, we combine expert knowledge with a wide-reaching audience to get you the best sale results.

Why use us?

Experienced Valuers

Sell with experts who know everything about silver, furniture, and art.

Impressive Results

Get amazing prices for your items, often more than you'd expect.

Global Reach

Reach buyers from all over the world, not just locally, for your valuables.

How it works

Step 1

Initiate your experience with PHSA by providing essential details about your item using our contact form at the bottom of the page

Step 2

Our team of expert valuers will conduct a thorough appraisal of your item, ensuring every unique aspect and characteristic is considered to establish its true market value.

Step 3

Benefit from our targeted marketing approach. We use our extensive network and digital channels to showcase your item to a wide, yet specific audience of potential buyers, both locally and internationally.

Step 4

Experience the excitement of the auction where your jewellery is presented to a competitive market. Our aim is to realise prices that not only meet but often exceed expectations.

Choose Pump House Specialist Auctions for a selling experience that stands out. With our deep expertise in a range of items like silver, antique furniture, and art, we ensure your valuables are valued right and marketed effectively. We don’t just aim for good sales; we strive for the best, often exceeding what you’d find elsewhere.

Success Story

A Sapphire ring we estimated at £8k-£10k was meticulously researched and certified, revealing its true, untreated nature. The result? A thrilling auction climax with a final sale price of £29.5k, a testament to our expertise in revealing and capitalising on hidden gems.

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